Wines from South Africa

Fryers Cove

Some 250 miles north from Cape Town along a largely unspoiled coastline of the West Coast, lies Doringbaai (thorn bay), home to a small but hardy fishing community and one of South Africa’s most ambitious vineyard projects.

In 1999, a pipeline some 19 miles in length was established to irrigate the Fryer's Cove vineyard, planted amongst indigenous beach vegetation. The vineyard is 60 feet above sea level and 2,500 feet from where the cold Atlantic Ocean throws its breakers against a rocky shore. The vineyard is windswept and benefits from the distinctly cool, maritime climate and sandy, limestone rich soil. These conditions lead to wines which show these unique maritime influences and lead to the slogan ‘forged of the earth, tempered by the sea’.

The vineyard is named in honor of Richard Fryer, a man dedicated to help this remote community. He opened a school for the children of the area. The Fryer's Cove Foundation has assisted the Doringsbaai's school with financial contributions and the sponsorship of the rugby team. The Foundation also sponsored the purchase of a new bell for the local church as well as numerous local community projects.
Fryers Cove, Bay to Bay Sauvignon Blanc

The color has a vibrant green tinge. On the nose are delicate flavors of green figs and grapefruit with hints of passion fruit, litchi and guava. The wine has a good balance between fruit and acidity and has a long aftertaste.

Enjoy with white meat, salads, crayfish, fish and creamy pasta or on its own.

It is recommended to drink this wine within 5 years after bottling.

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