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Allesverloren is approximately sixty miles north-east of Cape Town, in the area known as the Swartland (Black Land), and is the oldest wine estate in this area. The estate is renowned for its distinctive red wines and port.

The Allesverloren's Malan dynasty began in 1872, when DaniŽl Francois Malan bought the land which was, at the time, a wheat farm. It was DaniŽl who discovered vineyards on the farm and decided to try his hand at winemaking. His wine was soon in demand and the farm began producing a sweet fortified wine, which developed into the estate's flagship port.

The current owner and winemaker Danie Malan is a down to earth winemaker who believes that he is merely a facilitator in the process of transforming good quality grapes into excellent wines. The fifth generation Malan winemaker at the estate, Danie joined Allesverloren graduating from Elsenburg where he was able to hone his skills under the watchful eye of his father, Fanie Malan. In 1990, Danie went on to become the winemaker at Allesverloren and took the reins as sole owner from his father in 2003.

Although the Swartland is generally very dry, the location of Allesverloren on the eastern slopes of the Kasteelberg (Castle Mountain) ensures ideal growing conditions with its unique climate and soils. The vineyards range from 800 feet to 1,050 feet above sea level and benefit from a wide diurnal temperature variation. Summers are warm and dry followed by distinctly cool and wet winters. The prevailing easterly winds and afternoon shadows cool and refresh the vineyards by early evening. The soils on the farm are a mixture of shale and weathered sandstone providing a stony structure which allows the vine roots to strike deeply into the soil. This combination of meso-climate and soil structure sustain strong, healthy vines. The wines of Allesverloren are generally deep in color, bold and robust with a sound tannic structure and good ageing potential.
Allesverloren Fine Old Vintage (Port)

A blend of traditional Portuguese Port varietals, the wine shows aromas of blackcurrant, fruit cake, honey and tobacco aromas. Rich and plush on the palate with spicy undertones on the long finish.

The wine is an ideal partner to artisan cheeses, chocolate and rich fruit desserts.

The wine is ready to be enjoyed now but will develop in the bottle over the next ten to fifteen years.

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