Wines from South Africa


The history of Stellenzicht dates to 1692, when it was part of a much bigger property granted to its first owner, Barendt Hendrikse, by Governor Simon van der Stel in an area that would later become known as the Stellenbosch district. He named the property Rustenburg although there was already a farm with the same name, but spelled Rustenberg.

One can well imagine the confusion the similarity in the names created. According to local legend, two subsequent owners met one evening in a pub in Stellenbosch. When both were rather deep in their cups, they agreed to flip a coin to decide who would have the right to the name. The owner of Rustenberg (which still exists today) called it right and Rustenburg was renamed Stellenzicht (literally meaning "View of Stellen"(bosch). The farm was bought in 1981 by the international banker and financier Hans-Joachim Schreiber. In 1998, winemaker Guy Webber joined the estate as winemaker.

Approximately 220 acres of vines are planted on the northwesterly facing slopes of the Helderberg in the renowned Golden Triangle area of Stellenbosch.

Hill & Dale is the second label from Stellenbosch and this is a range of wines where Guy Webber excels in delivering exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

Hill & Dale Chardonnay


Crisp acidity. Aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, pineapple and limes. Nice mouthfeel with fresh citrus hints on a long finish.

Enjoy with seafood, creamy pasta dishes and salads.

Ready to drink now, but could age for another year or two.

UPC #: 6001108000439

Hill & Dale Pinotage

A plum-colored, youthful Pinotage showing aromas of strawberries and prunes. It shows flavors of berries and spicy oak on the palate.

This wine pairs well with game meats, lamb and red pasta dishes.

The wine is ready to drink but will develop complexity with two to three years in the bottle.

UPC #: 6003322093990


Hill & Dale Shiraz


This wine exudes bright red fruit aromas with a hint of smoke on the nose. The entry on the palate is lively followed by fruity and savory notes on the mid-palate and finish.

Enjoy with a steak, grilled meats and pasta dishes.

Ready to drink now, but could age for two to three years.

UPC #: 6001108034069