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Wine Lover Life Cycle

These are typically wine drinkers who don’t want to risk spending a lot of money on wine and not finding the wine experience of value. The wines they buy are often varietals and blends that are designed to be consistent, have mass-market appeal, and would retail under $15 per bottle.

These are the initiated wine drinkers. This group consists of the wine drinkers who have a passion for wine and care so much about ensuring that every wine they drink or offer their guests is going to be applauded and thus don’t want to take risks when choosing a wine for their dinner or their cellar. They rely heavily on ratings and the opinions of the popular wine press. This wine drinker is often willing to spend upwards of $50 a bottle to ensure that the purchase is a sure winner.

This group of wine drinkers approach every wine with curiosity. They travel widely, know about the effort that goes into making wine and have tasted enough wines to know why a wine is a good value. Wine is woven into their lifestyle. They know how to enjoy an everyday wine as well as the world’s classic wines. They seek out great values that often come from smaller and typically lesser known wineries from all over the world.