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Friends and Testimonials

Without our business partners, community and friends our passion would be without heart.

When we first met, I was on a tight budget and Roy and Dianne were very helpful in suggesting fantastic wines in the $10 range for me. The label and price doesn't matter - if the wine is great, they'll recommend it.

I'm a personal chef and Roy and I teach food and wine pairing classes together and really enjoy imparting our knowledge and sharing that passion with our students.

I have learned a ton about wine from Roy and Dianne.

Roy and Dianne have a genuine, enthusiastic desire to find wines from around the world, and bring these wines to all of us to enjoy.

Roy and Dianne’s food and wine pairings are a delicious gift to wine patrons and friends.

Roy and Dianne’s wine and food enthusiasm is contagious.

Roy and Dianne’s knowledge and passion for fine foods and wine have brought us many evenings of culinary delight.

The skills with which Roy and Dianne prepare, present and pair food with wine turn everyday food from ordinary to extraordinary.

Roy and Dianne have introduced us to several dessert wines that we would never otherwise have experienced.

Roy and Dianne are so passionate about the subject of food and wine that it is easy for them to make you become fully engaged; excited about learning and arousing your desire to explore.

I sometimes tease Roy with a huge smile on my face as I tell him, "I loathe you as I now am no longer satisfied with simple things like "White Zin and franks ‘n beans”.

My greatest surprise was not with one of the elegant meals that Roy and Dianne prepared but with their take on the good old fashioned mac and cheese. I grew up on mac and cheese, but if you haven't had a dish with Roy and Dianne, you are missing something special. And, just in case you are wondering, I don't make mac and cheese the way I used to.

Oh yes, bread and butter pudding is a gourmet delight when it comes from Roy and Dianne.