About Z Wines

Z Wines USA actively entered the wine market on July 1st, 2006. In this time we have established a small but loyal following of distribution and retail customers in addition to building initial brand recognition amongst consumers.
Our wines have received the following accolades and recognition:
At the Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina we had an impromptu tasting of several of our wines with the staff and management. Strong interest was shown in the wines. They have requested that we have our Wines of Paul & Hugo de Villiers Hugo's Hill Cape Vintage placed on their prestigious wine list. In addition, wherever we show this wine it becomes an immediate winner!
The Wines of Paul & Hugo de Villiers Bush Camp Our Daily Red was the fifth largest selling brand at the fall sale of one of our retail customers.
At local wine tastings our wines attract a lot of attention. Wine lovers return to our tasting table and pay compliments - we are often told that we have the best wines at the event. Our Antis Chardonnay is rapidly becoming a wine that has those who hate Chardonnay being surprised that they do actually enjoy a good Chardonnay where the fruit is given an opportunity to find its' expression. Our Wines of Paul & Hugo de Villiers Bush Camp Our Daily Red is a wine that has ardent white wine drinkers opening up their horizons due to its' easy drinking and food friendly style.
We have run a number of classes featuring the basics of wine appreciation along with food and wine pairing. Many of the attendees have come to speak with us after the class and tell us how much they have learned and how they like the uncomplicated manner in which we present the content of the class along with the straightforward practical information that we share with them. One man came up to us after one of these classes and said to us that he had been attending wine tastings and wine classes for more than ten years but that ours was the first class where he experienced how to taste wine!
The journey has just begun and we are loving every minute of it! Our followers often attest to the fact that our passion for wine and food along with our commitment to quality and value shines through in the manner in which we approach our daily work.